Friday, November 26, 2010

Vincent Como 1x12 Drawing Subscription

Make your Black Friday Blacker with Artist and Profit of the Order of the Black Mark, Vincent Como. Vincent's 1x12 Drawing Subscription "Beginning Jan 2011, I am embarking on a five-year project and I am inviting you to watch it unfold. I am creating a subscription service for a suite of editioned drawings. Every month subscribers will receive a new drawing generated for a year-long series following a theme. Each year the theme will change. The total number of each year’s edition will be determined by the number of subscribers +5 additional to be collected and offered as a full set after the year has run its course. These drawings will not be made available to the public in any other context save through the subscription and will not be exhibited directly in any commercial setting. These drawings will be original, hand-generated copies of one another. They will constitute an unconventional edition with their own unique flaws and subtleties. All works in the Subscription Series will be at or under 9×12 inches." Order yours here.

In the meantime enjoy the Black Art below.

4.5 Cubic Inches (Volume of the Inside of My Head)
Cast Sumi Ink
4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches
Dark Benediction
Acrylic on Canvas over Board with Black Tourmaline Crysatls
15 x 15 inch (painting ) 40 inch diameter (ring)

Un/Folding Time/Space
Creased Paper
15.5 x 20 inches

Un/Folding Time/Space
Creased Paper
15.5 x 20 inches

Untitled (Black Book)
Bound Drypoint Prints
65 x 24 inches (Open)

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ken said...

Thanks for this post of Vincent Como's work... compelling darkness...