Friday, October 30, 2009

Drawings in Philadelphia

Formulation @ Gallery Joe

While wandering in Philly yesterday I stumbled upon this nice little show of drawings. Featured are Xylor Jane, Lynne Woods Turner (not pictured), Will Yackulic and Serge Onnen.

Beneath Chelsea: Cave Painting, Part 1

To coincide with the release of his new book: Painting Abstraction, Bob Nickas curates Part 1 of Cave Painting @ Gresham's Ghost in the cavernous space below 511 West 25th Street.

Richard Aldrich, Lisa Beck, Varda Caivano, Sarah Crowner, Verne Dawson, Jules de Balincourt, Jason Fox, Daniel Hesidence, Richard Hoek and John Miller, Charline Von Heyl, Jutta Koether, Michael Krebber, Elizabeth Neel, David Ratcliff, Sterling Ruby, Anja Schworer, Chris Vasell, Chuck Webster, Stanley Whitney

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bushwick, Brooklyn, Oct 2009: ****THE REAL WORLD**** @ The Deli Storeroom.

****THE REAL WORLD**** @ The Deli Storeroom brings together artists Sarah Dornner, Christopher Kurtz, Liz Linden and Carrie Pollack. Located in the back storeroom of NADEEM Deli*Grocery, this show bring unexpected delights. Against the well-worn space, subtle and simple works entice the eye to come in for a closer look.

Opening of ****THE REAL WORLD**** @ The Deli Storeroom

Carrie Pollack

Sarah Dornner

Liz Linden

Christopher Kurtz

Christopher Kurtz

Carrie Pollack

Liz Linden

Monday, October 26, 2009

Brooklyn Oct 09: Too Big To Fail

Too Big To Fail @ 395 Flatbush Ave Ext. Artists include Erik Parker, Kenny Scharf, Liz Markus, Kadar Brock, Justin Craun, Tom Sanford, Allison Schulnik, Quentin Curry, Daniel Heidkamp, Brian Faucette, Mike Diana, Caitlin Macbride, Pedro Barbeito, Alicia Gibson, Eric Wendell and Justin Samson

From Left to right: Justin Craun, Eric Wendell, Tom Sanford, gallery attendant, Daniel Heidkamp, Quentin Curry and Caitlin Macbride

From Left to right: gallery attendant, Daniel Heidkamp, Quentin Curry and Caitlin Macbride

From right to left, Liz Markus, Kenny Scharf and Justin Craun

Liz Markus

Tom Sanford

Pedro Barbeito

left to right: Brian Faucette and Justin Samson

Allison Schulnik

Kadar Brock

detail Kadar Brock

detail Kadar Brock

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chelsea Oct 2009 DIY, ABCyz

On Friday Oct 23 ABCyz opened it's inaugural show of 30 artist collectives showing works and projects. KCLOG is a proud participant. Enjoy the images.

KCLOG featuring Vince Contarino and Tamara Zahayevich

from left to right: HKJB featuring Kris Chatterson, The Deli Storeroom Use Your Illusion IIfeaturing Patrick Brennan, Sherri Caudell Brennan, Ned Colclough, Jesse Hamerman, and J.D. Walsh. Eyelevel BQE Persian Love Affair featuring Andrew Robinson

Daily Operation, presents Yours, P. Shrinermacher

Tompkins Projects

Friday, October 23, 2009


Tonight Friday 10/23/09 KCLOG is proud to present the work of Vince Contarino and Tamara Zahaykevich @ ABCyz. ABCyz 2009 is a collaborative art exhibition of NYC-based contemporary art collectives, curatorial groups and art publishers, each of which was formed in the last four years. A group show of group shows, ABCyz is a salon-style exhibition of independent out-of-pocket exhibitions, recession-style creative processes and guerilla promotions.

Other groups to check out
Daily Operation, presents Yours, P. Shrinermacher. (the deli storeroom) presents Use Your Illusion II and features the work of Patrick Brennan, Sherri Caudell Brennan, Ned Colclough, Jesse Hamerman, and J.D. Walsh. HKJB features Kris Chatterson. And The Dirty Dirty should have a delicious treat.

Opening Reception: Friday, October 23, 8:00-11:00 pm Exhibition Hours: October 24 – October 25, 12:00-7:00 pm A section of the show will be open until November 7, by appointment.
Event LocationSilvershed, 119 West 25th Street, PH, New York, NY

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chelsea: October 09

Damian Ortega


Carla Klein
A Reconstruction of a Random Timeline
Tanya Bonakdar

Tim Hyde
How to Draw a Cathedral
Max Protetch

My apologies for my crappy cell phone camera.