Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chelsea in June.

Substance Abuse, @ Leo Koenig Projekte

Included artists: Kadar Brock, Michael Brown, Carter, Julia Dault, Andrea Longacre-White, Adam Marnie, Ryan Sullivan, J. Parker Valentine, and Ned Vena.

Kadar Brock

Ryan Sullivan

Ryan Sullivan

Kelli Williams: Scala Naturae @ Leo Koenig

Metallika @ MONYA ROWE

Included artists: Larissa Bates, Gina Beavers, Elizabeth Blomster, Patrick Brennan, Sherri Caudell Brennan, Ned Colclough, Gianna Commito, Sarah Dornner, Jaime Gecker, Jesse Hamerman, Ezra Johnson, Denise Kupferschmidt, Eddie Martinez, Sam Moyer, Carrie Pollack, Mark Schubert, Ned Vena, and JD Walsh.

Curated by Patrick Brennan

L to R: Ned Vena, Gina Beavers, Eddie Martinez, Sherri Caudell Brennan, Jesse Hamerman.
Floor Sculpture: Sarah Dornner

L to R: Mark Schubert and Gianna Commito

J.D. Walsh

L to R: Sam Moyer, Carrie Pollack, Jaime Gecker

Patrick Brennan

Denise Kupferschmidt

Sarah Dornner

Ezra Johnson

Ned Colclough

Gerald Jackson @ Reed Studio

Artist David Reed opened his studio to show the work of Gerald Jackson. The show was up from June 12th to the 19th.

Below is part of the press release.

Katy Siegel and I had hoped to include Gerald Jackson’s work in an exhibition for which I was the advisor and Katy the curator, “High Times, Hard Times: New York Painting 1967-1975.” But we could not find a way to get in touch with Gerald. Then, when I was visiting the exhibition at the National Academy Museum, Gerald was there. Shortly after, he sent me a DVD of a recent performance that just astounded me. In the third Studio Show, Gerald will present this DVD with the painting included in the performance, and earlier work on skids from the ’80s.

I think that my experience growing up in America was a really black and white experience. The only color I think I really saw, that I thought was color, was on TV, commercials, or a different view of America – that America was in color and my world was in black and white.
– Gerald Jackson

Sunday, June 20, 2010

West Loop, Chicago

Eric Fleischauer @ threewalls

Stefano Cossu @ AJ Kane Gallery

Daniel Albrigo and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge @ Western Exhibitions






Monday, June 14, 2010

Bushwick Open Studios: Part 2

Angelina Gualdoni @ 1717 Troutman Street

Erik Benson @ 1717 Troutman Street

Kristen Schiele @ 1717 Troutman Street

Sarah Faux and Tatiana Berg @ 1717 Troutman Street

Tatiana Berg

Sarah Faux

287 Starr Street Apartment Show
Artists: Nichole van Beek, Kora Manheimer, Justin Valdes,
Vince Contarino, Alisa Ochoa

Justin Valdes

Vince Contarino

Kora Manheimer

Alisa Ochoa