Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Angles Opening 9.13.08

Angles in Santa Monica had a good group show that opened Saturday. The gallery has some images on their site, here's the link. I filled in the gaps with my photos. Big faves were Kelly MacLane's awesomely weird painting of sumo wrestlers dragging a buffalo, Tim Ebner's latest excursion into abstraction, and one of Llyn Foulkes little masterpieces, does he ever make any other kind? :-)

If you go to an Angles opening you owe it to yourself to walk down the street and have drinks/dinner at The Galley, a kitschy nautically themed restaurant (think portholes, nets, blowfish, Xmas lights) that serves great steaks and cocktails. Someone told me that Beck hangs out there but I've never seen him.

Stay out of trouble you crazy kids!

xo Cole