Sunday, December 14, 2008

Focus on the Lower East Side

Due to life circumstances, such as losing my camera and needing to be in my studio for my show in LA this coming spring (not a bad problem to have), the nature of my posts and frequency will need to change. I will start to focus on neighborhoods rather than specific shows, and post on the ones that I am able to see. Because I lost my camera (at the New York public Library on 5th ave), I will be pulling images from gallery websites. The lack of posting lately is due to dealing with my own show up and all that comes with it.

Mary Heilmann at the New Museum is my favorite show the Museum has held so far. Stepping off the elevator, one is faced with paintings that are equally joyful as they are rigorous. While sitting in Heilmann's rolling chairs I was able to sit, relax and take in the selection of works on view. It's no surprise that the show began at the Orange County Museum of Art in California. Her work has a distinct LA feel. Images taken from the New Museum website.

On view at Eleven Rivington are the photos by Matt Ducklo. In his show titled, "Touch Tour Pictures," Ducklo photographs blind people experiencing sculptures the only way they can, through touch. The work being experienced by the blind and by us, vis-a-vis Ducklo, are all historically relevant and instantly recognizable to us, the seeing public. After spending some time with the work, I began to wonder about what it would be like to only experience Statue of "Herakles seated on a rock" through touch alone and without the understanding of form through sight. Sculptures often work by touch as well as sight, and I can imagine that even without the ability to see, the people experiencing this work are somehow privy to an intimate experience that we are not. Image taken from Eleven Rivington website.

Keltie Ferris finally gets a show all of her own at Sunday LES. After seeing Ferris's work in various group shows around town I was excited to see her first solo. My absolute favorite painting in the show is "Aviator." Ferris's abstractions have roots in abstract expressionism (something younger artists seem to be interested in these days) that provides a jumping off point in the work. She is clearly doing something different with process, materials and color to produce paintings that are very much of the moment and yet also of another time in pre-history. Image taken from Sunday LES website.

"With Out Walls" is a group sculpture show at Museum 52. There are currently no images on the web for this show. I attended the opening which was packed to the gills! There were people guarding the door and steps to keep from overcrowding. Artists in the show include:
David Altmejd | Gavin Anderson | Frank Benson | Sarah Braman | David Brooks | Nathan Carter | Nicole Cherubini | Devon Costello | Taylor Davis | Lucky DeBellevue | Lansing-Dreiden | Jac
ob Dyrenforth | Adriana Farmiga | Eric Fertman | Lars Fisk | Rachel Foullon | Daniele Frazier | Amy Gartrell | Sara Greenberger-Rafferty | Van Hanos | Valerie Hegarty | Corin Hewitt | Vlatka Horvat | Kevin Hughes | Timothy Hull | Matthew Day Jackson | Ryan Johnson | KB Jones | Jon Kessler | Anya Kielar | Aaron King | Blaze Lamper | Pam Lins | Matthew Lusk | Michael Mahalchick | Yuri Masnyj | Daniel McDonald | Curtis Mitchell | Virginia Poundstone | Yadir Quintana | Sean Raspet | Jacob Robichaux | Halsey Rodman | Heather Rowe | Macrae Semans | Anthony Titus | Kon Trubkovich | Johannes VanDerBeek | Nichole van Beek | Dustin Yellin

The artists are many, the work relatively small. As once artist put it, "It's like an enchanted forest."
Here is an outtake from the press release for the premise of the show: "The only specifications given to the artists were that the walls would not be used, and that the sculpture should be within the approximate dimensions of two foot high, one foot wide and one foot deep. The idea was to build a show through people we knew, whose work we admired, and others they, in turn, admired."

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