Sunday, April 26, 2009

The homage post part 1

Between blogs, Facebook and Twitter, the art world has populated the internet and is seemingly all the better for it.

KCLOG is now a bi-coastal blog with almost as many readers in LA as in NYC thanks to Cole Case, Twitter and the support of Try Harder, a LA based art blog. Try Harder posts photos of shows and openings of art events in LA. You really have a sense that you're at the opening. I always get a kick out if it when I spot a friend that I have not seen in a while.

Here are a few art sites both from NYC and LA that I have come to enjoy and think others may like too.

For the latest news and reviews on all thing LA and beyond check out Art Whirled. .This blog features "Give it a Whirl"...a good source of shows opening in LA.

If your in LA or anywhere outside of NYC you must know about the James Kalm report. James Kalm rides his bike all over NYC to video record openings, shows and the occasional studio visit. Here is a link to his channel on YouTube. Below is the video of "Younger Than Jesus".

A great source of art world insight and good advice check out Edward Winkelmans blog. I highly recommend reading "How to do your home work part 1 and 2". Here is part 2.

Two Coats of Paint is an excellent resource for all things paintings. Two Coats is authored by artist Sharon L. Butler and posts articles, reviews and writings about painting. One could spend many days reading the wealth of information posted here.

Art Cards is the coolest single purpose website. It's designed for organizing openings in NYC. Just click on the openings you wish to attend and they will appear in the field on the right and print or email the list to yourself and friends. It makes organizing openings with friends super easy.

For more all encompassing websites check out Art Cat and NY Art Beat. Art Cat calls itself the opinionated guide to New York art and galleries. They have a great section on openings and picks. NY Art Beat is the one stop shop to all things New York Art and design.

Most of these sites have Twitter feeds all of which are worth following and enhance the blog and site experience. For example Art Cat will Tweet openings and events for the day which always come in handy.

Stay tuned for part 2 which will focus on smaller sites and sites that interact with the art world in a different way.

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