Monday, December 20, 2010

Melissa Brown: Top Ten of 2010

Melissa Brown: Top Ten of 2010

Marie Lorenz: Shipwrecks @ Jack Hanley

Brian Belott: Joy of File @ Zurcher Studio

Charles Burchfield: Heat Waves in the Swamp @ Whitney Museum of Art

Katherine Bernhardt: Tombouctou 52 Jours @ CANADA

Josh Faught: While The Light Lasts @ Lisa Cooley

Approaching Abstraction @ American Folk Art Museum

Mat Brinkman: Phantasmagoria @ The Hole

Material Issue and Other Matters: @ CANADA

Artists include: Leif Ritchey, Jess Fuller, Robert Janitz, Suzanne Goldenberg, Lauren Luloff, Josh Blackwell

Andy Coolquit: We Care About You @ Lisa Cooley

Dearraindrop and Kenny Scharff: Hot Glue Hullaballoo @ The Hole

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