Friday, May 13, 2011

Greater L.A.

Opening Sunday May 15th.

From GRLA wedsite:

"Greater LA is the first ever survey to take place in New York of art being made in Los Angeles right now, and its massive – but sometimes under-acknowledged – impact on the global stage. Filling a large industrial loft space in the heart of SoHo, Greater LA gathers the work of over 50 Los Angeles based artists who are setting the agenda for conversations about contemporary cultural production around the world. Far from being a comprehensive view, Greater LA aims to be a selection of work as varied and idiosyncratic as the landscape from which it emerges. Greater LA makes an argument for the vitality and urgency of art made in and influenced by the largest city on the Western coast of North America."

Clickable link of artists in the show.

Image via Dennis Hollingsworth.

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Heather Arndt said...

Woot! and I'll be in NYC when it opens. Nice.