Monday, June 20, 2011

Kansas City: Nerman Museum, Dolphin Gallery, and Paragraph Gallery

Plenty of Action, No Control: Phil Shafer & Miguel Rodriguez @ Paragraph Gallery

Present: Selected Acquisitions @ Nerman Museum

Dana Schutz, “Swimming, Smoking, Crying”

installation view, left: Bart Exposito, "Bends (Orange)" right: Mary Wessell, "Untitled"

Andrzej Zielinski, "Yellow Industrial Paper Shredder"

Zielinski, detail

Archie Scott Gobber, "Be a Loser"

Grant Miller, "Untitled (63)"

Angel Otero, "Let Water Run"

Be Good or Be Gone @ Dolphin Gallery

Justin Gainan "Part of Forever (Study 1 Part 1) I-VI"

B.J. Wooley, "Thermite Sconce" and "ORDO AB CHAO logo"

Dylan Mortimer, "Pneuma (Wind)"

Anthony Baab, "Stratum"

Baab, detail

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