Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ctrl+P @ Arlington Arts Center

"Ctrl+P: New Directions in Printmaking" at Arlington Arts Center (AAC)

For the summer of 2012, the AAC invited curators Julie Chae and Kristina Bilonick to explore print media and the artists who are approaching this discipline through non-traditional processes, forms and means of dissemination and distribution. Among the many themes explored is the tension between the "uniqueness" of art and the traditional notion of printmaking as "multiples." The exhibition will be on view at the Arlington Arts Center from June 22 – September 16, 2012. At 17,000 square feet, the AAC is one of the largest non-federal venues for contemporary art in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. 
All images courtesy of the AAC. Complete list of artists appear at bottom of post.

Rob Swainston site-specific installation of woodcut monoprints in lobby entrance and grand staircase 

Melissa Brown woodcut prints with machine-made & handmade elements (made at AS220 Community Printshop of Providence RI)

Anthony Dihle silkscreen prints

Kris Chatterson painting + collages using digital transfer; Brian Chippendale silkscreen print collages through doorway

Marie Lorenz rubbing/collograph hybrid prints of objects found during her waterway journeys
Steve Lambert video + his New York Times Special Edition; Vince Contarino painting + silkscreen (Kayrock collaboration)

Christopher Davison intaglio prints

E.V. Day fishnet bodysuit embossing (collaboration with Dieu Donne Paper Mill)

Kelly Sherman reduction woodcut prints (collaboration with Center Street Studio)

Barbara Takenaga paintings (+ lithograph prints made at Shark's Ink)

E.V. Day (through doorway); Glenn Ligon hybrid screenprint portfolio (collaboration with Dieu Donne Paper Mill); Paul Chan silkscreen recreating New York Times Decade Book for 1930-39 (collaboration with Parkett Publishers)

Brian Chippendale silkscreen print collage detail

Marie Lorenz 11' x 16' rubbing/collograph hybrid print of jetski + video Archipelago (Sequence 14)

E.V. Day; Gary Katchadourian 1/32nd scale laser print of stacked barriers at a construction site; Jungil Hong installation of screenprint on paper mounted on wood

Jordan Bernier stop-motion animation of silkscreen printing

Esperanza Mayobre silkscreen monoprint + Immigration Services/Virgin of Hope installation

Jeremy Flick's site-specific installation of stenciled print on Phototex in the elevator

"Ctrl+$" the giftshop (with Mandypants); Billy Colbert silkscreen

Complete list of artists: Anne Albagli, Jordan Bernier, Melissa Brown, Paul Chan, Kris Chatterson, Brian Chippendale, Billy Colbert, Vince Contarino, Christopher Davison, E.V. Day, Anthony Dihle, Kyle Durrie, Jeremy Flick, Tim Gibbon, Jungil Hong, Gary Kachadourian, Byron Kim, Steve Lambert, Hugh Leeman, Glenn Ligon, Marie Lorenz, Esperanza Mayobre, Serena Perrone, Gretchen Schermerhorn & Franc Rosario, Kelly Sherman, Rob Swainston, and Barbara Takenaga

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