Sunday, September 22, 2013

Geist und Form: 10 Painters from Berlin

August 30 – October 11, 2013
@Indiana University Bloomington's Grunwald Gallery

Sofie Bird Møller (Denmark), Valérie Favre (Switzerland), Bernard Frize (France), Maarten Janssen (The Netherlands), Mark Lammert (Germany), Michael Markwick (U.S.A. / The Netherlands), Adriana Molder (Portugal), Katharina Otto (Germany), Jorge Queiroz (Portugal), Thomas Scheibitz (Germany)

Curator: Jurriaan Benschop

entrance2_ Geist   

Works by Thomas Scheibitz

entrance_ Geist 

Works by Thomas Scheibitz, Adriana Molder and Michael Markwick

jeorge_ Geist 

Works by Jorge Queiroz

adriana interior 

Works by Adriana Molder and Bernard Frize

valerie und otto_geist 

Works by Katharina Otto and Valérie Favre

interior gallery2 

From left to right: Adriana Molder, Thomas Scheibitz, Katharina Otto (3x), Valérie Favre and Maarten Janssen (2x)

Left to right: Bernard Frize and Sofie Bird Møller (Denmark)

 Katharina Otto


Foreground: "Fachwerk" by Maarten Janssen. Behind a work by Valerie Favre and two works by Jorge Queiroz

maarten view_ Geist 

Detail from a work by Maarten Janssen. In the back Jorge Queiroz.

interior_ Geist 

From the left to right Maarten Janssen, Bernard Frize and Michael Markwick


On the back wall Adriana Molder (left) and Thomas Scheibitz. On the left wall Mark Lammert.

back gallery mark_ Geist 

Works by Mark Lammert

Left a work by Katharina Otto, on Right "Climber" by Michael Markwick

"Fragment" by Valérie Favre

The exhibit and programs related to Geist und Form are made possible by support from The College Arts and Humanities Institute and Themester at Indiana University Bloomington, and Germany’sInstitut für Auslandsbeziehungen.

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