Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Culver City Galleries Obama Fundraiser 10.12.08

By Cole Culver City, California There was an Obama fundraiser on La Cienega Sunday featuring a silent auction at Angstrom and t-shirt stenciling at Kim Light. I picked up a "Fuck Sarah Palin" t-shirt and took some shots of the action. I can see Russia from my house! I know that a bunch of artists raising money for Obama is like preaching to the choir, but if it helps squash those disgusting cockroaches sign me up!

Oh, and one of the images features newly engaged artist Megan Geckler (check out the rock) and soon-to-be-hubby Chris! Congrats you guys! How cute are they! And artist Lisa Anne Auerbach was sporting a bitchin' handknitted sweater. The back said "Chosen People Choose Obama" :-)
SOOTYCK! xo Cole

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