Sunday, October 5, 2008

Focus on Long Island City, Queens

Kris Chatterson NY,

Long Island City (LIC) is where I live and work. There is a lot happening in this small nook of Queens art-wise, so I thought I would do a post on LIC. First, for those of you thinking it's some where on Long Island, it's not. LIC is just over the 59th St Bridge or the first few stops on the 7/V/F/E/N/R and W subway lines into Queens. For most people saying we live next to PS 1 is enough. So yeah, that's LIC.

For many years I have heard of this place as being an artist haven. Loads of industrail space next to residential. Sounds ideal. For the most part that is what LIC has to offer, along with close and convenient connection to Manhattan. The V or F will put you in Chelsea or the Lower East Side in no time.

For the longest time only artists wanting to work somewhere other than Williamsburg worked here. Now slowly, as the face of the community changes, art venues are popping up. There is a thriving scene shaping up of serious artists and serious art spaces.

Here are just a couple of shows up right now in LIC:

Some may be suprised to learn that Deitch Projects has a space in LIC called Deitch Studios, right on the water. Currently, Swoon has a show titled Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea. The show consists of a large installation in the main space and continues outside on the dock where the boats and other watercraft sit tied up after making their journey down the Hudson River. For more info on the journey and about Swoon peep this video.

Just around back of PS1 on 21st Street sits Dean Project. A wonderful, clean and well-lit gallery that currently has a show titled Introduction: Future Dialogues. The show focuses on emerging painters that will be a part of the gallery's roster of shows and fairs for the year. I enjoyed the show and look forward to seeing what emerges!

Artists in the show are: Ryan Bartley, Karlos Carcamo, Adin de Masi ,Bryan Drury, Jason Dunda, Carl Eckhoff, J.J. Garfinkel, Quintin Gonzalez , Erika Harrsch, Nicholas Kashian, Nickolas Lascot, Dan Levenson, Colette Murphy
Jacob Ouillette, Carol Peligian, Keer Tanchak and Mary Ting.

For more info check out the gallery website.

If you're in the 'hood be sure to check out PS1.

When you're in LIC you may want to explore more than just the art. LIC has Ins & Outs Magazine to help you find good food and other destinations of interest.

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