Monday, September 14, 2009

Featuring: Meridith Pingree

Meridith Pingree is a Brooklyn-based artist who works in drawing and sculpture. Much of her work is concerned with physically tracking human behavior and traffic patterns using quasi-scientific, homespun, reactive sculptures. She uses sensors to pick up on people’s energy and movement throughout a space. Her work exists as amplifications of this subtle energy, creating unconventional, complex portraits of people and spaces.

Pingree also makes drawings and small studies that explore repetition with a keen eye for color and materials. Similar to how the sensors in her kinetic sculpture react to the viewer, there is an interesting parallel in the geometric drawings that warp and transform through the subtle shift of the artist's hand. These works are more intimate in scale and show a playful freedom in allowing the systems in place to shape the outcome of the object.

Past exhibitions include shows at Smack Mellon in Brooklyn and The Soap Factory in Minneapolis. She will be included in I Wanna Be Somewhere, a group exhibition organized by Jon Lutz @ Daily Operation. The show opens Wednesday, Sept. 16, 103 Reade Street, one night only.

Raindrop, 2007
motors, motion sensors, bungee cord, wire, barrettes
, 24" x 24" x 24"

Kinetic Sculpture -- Meridith Pingree -- Umbrella Torque -- Art, Reactive Kinetic Sculpture from Meridith Pingree on Vimeo.

Umbrella Torque, 2009
acrylic, motors, motion sensors, wire, 36" x 48" x 60"

Bumpy Space, 2009
cocktail swords, plastic coil bracelets
, 34" x 19" x 5"

Sword Ball, 2008
cocktail swords, plastic coil bracelets, 6" x 6" x 6"

Blue Slinky Hyperbolic, 2007
cut sections of a plastic slinky toy, safety pins, 37" x 37" x 13"

Waffle Hyperbolic, 2009
ink on paper, 24" x 24"

Snowflake Hyperbolic, 2008
ink on paper
, 24" x 24"

Green Monster, 2009
aluminum, acrylic, motors, motion sensors, wire, 60" x 120" x 120"


Kai said...

I'm a long time fan. nice post

Vince Contarino said...

Ha! Thanks, Kai...sorry we missed each other during the studio visit.

Anonymous said...

The work looks great!