Monday, September 21, 2009

One Year of KCLOG

KCLOG began last September as a collaborative project to post shows going on in New York City and Los Angeles. KCLOG is now a hub of artist features, current shows and focused on artist run and independent initiatives. There are a number of great artist and independent events happening right now in New York that have been covered in this blog including HKJB, Daily Operation and 106 Green. This is happening in LA as well and this post is for them. Here are three artist run spaces in LA doing exciting things.

Monte Vista is an artists run space in Highland Park.

Their about statement reads: Monte Vista is a new artist run space in Highland Park that will host art exhibitions, conversations, events and performances. There is no "manifesto" as this space will be self-determining, but our general aims are to bring a platform for art and conversation to Los Angeles that sidesteps the influence of the commercial market. We wish to facilitate the contribution of works of art that come from non-traditional sources, and support artworks that contribute to non-traditional dialogues.

The most recent show is titled: Untill we come to One That Reminds Us and includes artists Kristina Faragher, Curt LeMieux, Amy Green, and Christine Frerichs.

Below are images of show.

Summercamp Project Project is no stranger to KCLOG. Check out the last post here. For their latest show titled Go Big or Go Home the Summercamp crew organized an outdoor show of large scale work. Check it out the website. Artists include: Kristi Lippire, Richard Haley, Lorraine Cleary Dale, Nicole Antebi, Josh Callaghan, Will Long and Jason Manley.

Below are a few images from Go Big or Go Home.

WPA is an artists collective located in Chinatown. The participating artists are: Bart Exposito, Andrew Hahn, David Hughes, Charles Irvin, Pamela Jorden, Michael Minelli, Rachael Neubauer, John Pearson, Terri Phillips, Fil Ruting, Henry Taylor, Ryan Tomcho and Tyler Vlahovich.

Their about statement reads:

WPA is an art space organized by artists

It is a straightforward and simple project that will provide opportunities for curated group shows, solo exhibitions, performances, screenings plus any other ideas that come to mind.

We have no single declaration of intent except to make possible an ambitious array of exhibits and activities by pooling our resources and taking advantage of this moment in Los Angeles. As a group we facilitate the individual.

WPA is a multi-purpose acronym; it can stand for anything you like, but it does intentionally recall the Works Progress Administration, Roosevelt’s New Deal relief agency that highlighted the arts and employed artists as artists during The Great Depression.

The current show titled title textpresents the work of Michael Minelli.

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