Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blick Ohne Ende/Niederländer in Berlin @ Autocenter Berlin

Dutch artists in Berlin

Berlin based, Dutch curator and writer; Jurriaan Benschop, presents an exhibition at Autocenter, Berlin, from June 25 through July 10, 2010 of six Dutch artists who live and work in Berlin. The project emphasizes the visual at the Autocenter Berlin.

"What connects the work of different generations is the importance of the visual. Moreover, other motives, conceptual or not, play a role, such as the interest in image forming, artistic authorship and questioning visual clichés." link
Location: Autocenter Berlin

Runs from June 25 through July 10, 2010

Tjebbe Beekman (1972)


Ronald de Bloeme (1971)


Arjan van Helmond (1971)

Left: De Bloeme/ Right: Arjan van Helmond


Maarten Janssen (1965)

Left Maarten Janssen. Right/ Markwick


Michael Markwick (1974)

Left: Markwick/ Right De Bloeme, Van Helmond


Lidwien van de Ven (1963)

Lidewien van de Ven is a video artist and photographer. On view is her video "Wolfgangsee" 11/08/1999 (eclipse) 2000.

Other work can be found here on these links.

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Amelia Ishmael said...

This looks like an amazing show, Thank you for posting it! Some of these artists were in the Metal Heart exhibition earlier this year as well, no?