Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chicago: Hyde Park, Pilsen, East Garfield Park

Paul Cowan and Matt Stolle @ devening projects + editions



PC, oil on canvas, 2010, 16 x 13 inches

MS, graphite and gesso on cardboard, 46.5 × 41.5 inches


TH, "Vigil," gouache on paper, 9" x 12", 2010

TH, "Scenes from Alter (Shrine)," gouache on paper, 33" x 44", 2009

TH, audio strip loop and reel-to-reel player

Erik Wenzel @ DOVA Temporary

EW, walls lying prone on floor

EW, "rings," plastic bottle rings hung from nails inserted into holes left from previous exhibition

EW, scratching post and object wrapped in plastic placed on prostrate wall

EW, "Non-Renewal," digital video with sound

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