Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Domestic City Red Hook Brooklyn

Domestic City curated by Nichole van Beek and Vince Contarino.

Participating artists include: Gavin Anderson, Nils Folke Anderson, Inna Babaeva, Gina Beavers, Erik Benson, Joseph Burwell, Rob Carter, Joey Frank, Chris Gentile, Everest Hall, An Hoang, Todd Knopke, Lauren Luloff, Kora Manheimer, Esperanza Mayobre, Gabriela Alva Cal y Mayor, Alisa Ochoa, Gary Petersen, Yadir Quintana, MiYoung Sohn, William Stone and Justin Valdes

from left to right: Erik Benson, Alisa Ochoa, Chris Gentile and Gary Petersen.
on the floor from left to right: MiYoung Sohn, Nils Folke Anderson and Inna Babaeva

Justin Valdes, all works 2010, pencil and ink on paper

from left to right: Alisa Ochoa, Chris Gentile and Gary Petersen

Chris Gentile End Times / Amend Times #7, 2008 C-Print 14"x11"

Erik Benson Sleep, 2009 acrylic on canvas over panel 60"x80"

from left to right: An Hoang, Rob Carter and Erik Benson. On the floor MiYoung Sohn

Todd Knopke, Lifted, 2008, fabric, safety pins, yarn, grommets, photo transfer 108” x 108”

Inna Babaeva, Succinct Advancement, 2009, rubber balls, casters, dimensions variable

from left to right: Todd Knopke, Gavin Anderson and Gina Beavers. On the floor Inna Babaeva

Gina Beavers, Untitled Jewelry, 2009, acrylic and printing ink on paper 22” x 30”

from left to right: Kora Manheimer, Gabriela Alva Cal y Mayor, William Stone and Lauren Luloff

William Stone, Untitled, 2010, oil on canvas 8"x10"

Yadir Quintana, Everest, 2009 , silver leaf on plike 112” X 120” (12 panels at 28” X 40” each)

Everest Hall, Pink Flair, 2010, oil on canvas 72” x 60”

Joseph Burwell, Shea Colosseum Pool, 2009, Color pencil and pen on tracing paper 24” x 24

Esperanza Mayobre, Study of Symphony of Nothing, 2010, drawing on laser 91” x 16.75”

Rob Carter, Reseed, 2007, color/sound, total running time: 9 mins 9 secs, Video projection

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